Biloba Consulting is providing consultancy on strategy & business development, business transformation  & organisation and project/program management in the telecommunication industry. We assist companies to think on strategic changes and implementations with the benefit of an external and neutral approach. 


We help CEOs, Management Teams or Business Developers to study business opportunities, define strategic plan and implement changes.

We are working for telecom industry, ICT integrators and all other industries using communication in their core products. 

Our business relation is based on 

  • long term relations
  • commitment on results
  • involvement from concept to implementation
with positive leadership, empowerment, respect of individuals and creativity.

We are following disruptive technologies which bring new business opportunities, new business models or deep business transformations of existing players.

Among them, we are currently following the evolution of the internet of things (IOT) industry, the development of the virtualization of networks (NFV/SDN) linked to cloud and SaaS business models and the trends in management and organisation (holacracy ...).